Small places…happy life

The benefits and joys of living in small places!

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Since, last three – four years I have been spending some time living in a small village in Kerala. It is countryside by the Arabian Sea. Tired of living in a megapolis for many years, I return here in the winters and experience a life which I used to dream long ago. So, here is my list of what makes me so happy living in a small, slow paced village:

  • You meet like minded people very soon and easily
  • No need to spend time and energy in traveling from one end of the city to the other. No painful traffic jams
  • Less crowds in public places like shops, banks, clinic etc.
  • Easy to talk to anyone, people are mostly in a relaxed mode, not in so much hurry
  • You keep meeting known people on the beach at the local shop, at the temple, at a bus stop…gives a feeling of being connected to one another
  • You are closer to nature, the air is fresh and the body is much more rested than in the city
  • Mind is more peaceful, more relaxed
  • Spontaneous happiness is possible- some wishes materialize much faster here, I guess because of a more pure atmosphere…
  • Connecting to your inner self is easier. Self -awareness level increases
  • People smile more!

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