Why I love to travel

Some time back, I was sitting at a jazz concert in a beautiful grand hall of Polytechnic University, St. Petersburg. I love jazz music, and went to a concert after a long time. Apart from listening to the lovely music I was admiring the hall and its decor. The architectural style seemed to be a Baroque one with elements of Rococo. The four huge crystal chandeliers looked just like one sees in the Hermitage museum (St.Petersburg, Russia) and other palaces. The main staircase also reminded the ones I see in numerous palaces, only sans the golden and elaborated decor present there.

So, here I was sitting and having a double treat – music plus architecture, a treat to eyes, ears and the heart. And then it struck me that why I love to travel. Rather, one of the things I love about traveling; it is not just the passion to get on a journey, or see new places. It is also to see HOMES and BUILDINGS in other places. So, I realized that one of the first things I see when I land in new places are houses and buildings. I just love to see how and where people live; how the homes are shaped and decorated. How the cafes, shops or museums are planned. What are the solutions for interior design in different parts of the world? All of this enchants me and is stored somewhere in my mind. So, it becomes really exciting to see all this in other countries or cities or villages.

Love for architecture, homes and interiors meets my passion for travel. And that’s how they get enriched with each other. I decided to start this blog right there during the concert to share my observations while I travel or while I stay at home.

Copyright © April 2017 Inesa Sinha


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