Places in my heart

Places….there are places that leave an impression in your heart. Places that somehow touched you or changed something in you or your thought process. Places that gifted you great beauty. Places that played a role in meeting someone. All these wonderful destinations! I feel lucky that all these years I was able to travel and see many places on Mother Earth. These travels let me know Her and myself better.

Away from city’s madness…

Living in a city is good and comfortable at times. But at times it drives one crazy, and I just long to escape into Nature’s lap. Once there, it feels so natural to be there, to live amidst greenery, lakes and forests. It makes me feel so alive and each moment feels sharper and crisper. It is like viewing a movie in an HD quality instead of a low resolution one. And I realize how much happier one can be in the natural surroundings; one just blends into the overall picture, and boundaries start blurring. You expand.. This expansion (of the consciousness) becomes a spiritual experience if it’s felt for a sufficient time. It’s really hard to feel the expansion on a short weekend break. One needs time to shed one’s inhibitions and prejudices before merging oneself with the surroundings. You need time to let go certain things acquired by living in the city. The feeling of being “separate” from everything must go. The worries, the tensions, must go. And they do go! And then you realize how small and insignificant they can be when laid against the backdrop of majestic nature. It is not that the worries or problems do not matter for us any longer. It is just that they become smaller than us…because our consciousness begins to expand… Needless to say that, solutions to problems, insights, realizations dawn upon us in peaceful, quiet natural places. The mind slowly becomes peaceful like a lake with still water, reflecting only the surrounding landscape and beauty!

Later, gratitude comes into the picture. That is the next level. It needs time to get to this level: feeling gratitude for one’s life and blessings, for problems and confusions, for one’s dear people and so on..and the list could be endless..

to be continued…

Copyright © June 2017 Inesa Sinha


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