History Deflects

History Deflects

Today is 12th may 2270 AD. I am writing this story with a thing which they called in olden days a “pen”. This pen was made in and has ink which never gets dry. It belonged to my great grand father.

Well, now it is time for me to start my story. It was the great event of 2212 AD. It happened in the month of May: – WATER ON EARTH FINISHED!

We, the homo- sapiens have gone beyond the limits of development. Scientists produced such things which no one could imagine even in the 21st century. Though man progressed greatly, he still was a man. And for a man it is natural to make an error. Man committed a great error as a result of which water on earth completely finished.

We invented some machines which could produce rivers out of a drop of water. But the problem was: – there wasn’t even a drop of water left on earth.

Next, our great robots suggested making water out of hydrogen and oxygen. But there was no oxygen as we had used it all up in burning processes in our factories. We had a great robot named “Emero”. The very minute water and oxygen finished (they finished at the same time), he produced an artificial atmosphere for the people to survive. They needed oxygen to live.

So, the robot manufactured a gas in the artificial atmosphere called “Artoxon”, equivalent to oxygen. Though it could support human life, it could not help in producing water.

How long could people live without water? Something had to be done.

This time again “Emero” contributed to the lives of humans. He proposed to shift to Venus, the nearest planet to us. We had found 25 more new planets in our solar system. Out of them man could live on eight of them. Venus being the nearest to us, it was most suitable for us to shift there.

There was a bridge between Earth and Venus. People crossed it by a super fast train. The journey took only two days to reach the planet. But it was a very hard journey. Thousands of people could not withstand the rigors of this journey. The journey claimed many lives. The “Artoxon” (gas which supports life), was not enough to supply it to every man, and moreover, the stock of food was not sufficient.

Thus, finally man himself murdered the earth with his unlimited desire for progress. He deserted the earth which had served him for more than three billion years.

Now, when I gaze at the sky in search of the “deserted planet”, I ponder over this problem – how long will we live on Venus? Perhaps, time will come when we shall leave this planet too. But till then the new history of mankind begins on Venus.

By Inesa Sinha, (written when I was a student of class eight)